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Surrender, Revive, Ignite!

Community is a gift given to each of us. It’s the support we rely on and run to during good and bad times. In any community, women can be found at their heart. They are the ones tending to the brokenhearted, rejoicing with the cheerful, and breathing life back into the weary. At their core, women are especially gifted at being strong and courageous while providing warmth and care to all those around them. But these same women need to be lifted up and renewed, too, so they can continue being the vivacious, compassionate beings for which they were created.

That’s what Elevate Her is dedicated to, creating a fabric of women woven together in faith, support, and purpose, lifting one another up to find the renewal they need and deserve. By surrendering to one another, we revive and ignite again, becoming reinspired to carry out our purposes and fulfill our callings.

The Mission

Helping women in Christ-centered faith communities create impactful relationships which empower others to live their vocations and purposes as they reach their full potential in serving within their communities.

The Vision:

To encourage women to get involved in morally grounded causes they’re passionate about and by doing so change lives and set captives free by sharing the gifts of love and goodness.

What Is Your Calling?

Where is God calling you in your life? Where is He looking to use you for His purposes and in doing so set the world ablaze for His glory? It only takes one person to ignite change, and spark transformation.

It is said, “Only God can turn a test into a testimony, and a trial into a triumph.What trial will become your victory?

We Invite You

Elevate Her Life is a network of women, connecting to be catalysts of God’s hope and light. Inviting others to join an abundant and purposeful life in Him. Come join us, dream big and be replenished as God begins to work in your life in ways you’ve never seen before.

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