A white phone is on the black background

Human Trafficking is everywhere in the news, but did you know that you could help save the victims and assist in putting a stop to this unthinkable crime? Karla Sutter and her team are available for anti-human trafficking workshops and training so you can step up and stop trafficking in your community.

As organizations that serve expecting women, you see hundreds of clients each year who could be experiencing sexual exploitation. But you have the unique opportunity to identify and help them escape their trafficking situation. Together we can help eradicate trafficking because everyone who enters your door deserves to be free.

A white phone is on the black background

There are three cornerstones to help a trafficked person escape:

  • Establish rapport between you and the patient
  • Reassure the patient that they are safe
  • Show the patient to know that there is hope

The goal is to equip you to create a center that’s an outreach for women and girls caught in the cycle of sexual exploitation.

Safe House Project