I know the last GLOB got a little preachy it was my first attempt. I promise from now on I will try to be more personal with my writings. My goal is not to preach towards anyone, my goal is to tell my stories and bring life to Flutter. So here goes.

I had just got done with Bible study, Im standing in the post office scrolling through my phone checking my emails and I come across one from Barbara, my friend from Africa. We had meet at a conference 4 years before. At that time she ran 33 pregnancy centers under AFLA      (Association For Life of Africa). I took her to dinner and she shared with my the need for ultrasound machines in her county. As I came accross the email it said, “Hi Karla, this is Barbara from Africa. We’re having a conference in May, could you come teach?†I of course without hesitation said yes, even though I had never left the country. She replied, “Wow that was fast, I will get you the info you need.†As I stood there with tears running down my face it was my turn at the desk. The postal worker asked if I was ok. I said, “Yes I think I’m going to Africa.†She smiled at me and asked if I needed a passport and told me I was in the right place. I said yes I do believe I do. She handed me the paperwork.

A white phone is on the black background
A white phone is on the black background
A white phone is on the black background

I found myself on a plane over the ocean for 9 hours stuck between two, giant basketball players. When we arrived in Ghana one of our contacts (Richard) from ALFA waved us down. We got in a tiny, little car and drove to the hotel. The conversation as we were driving went something like this:

Richard: Karla Ghana is not a vacation spot why are you here 5 days before the conference?

Me: God told me to come for two weeks. I would like to tour the pregnancy centers.

Richard: *looks at me with a dumbfounded stare* Karla we have no pregnancy centers, that’s why you here.

I asked him if he could get me close, he said yes and told me he would see me in the morning. They picked us up the next morning and took me to a nursing school. As I shared Flutters vision to put ultrasounds in every pregnancy center, I inspired them to come to the conference that I was asked to teach at. I had no Idea what kind of impact this would have but a lawyer, who owned the nursing school, and I sponsered 4 women to be able to attend. I went on a tour of Accra, Africa, a few maternity homes, and a midwifery center. By the time I got back to the hotel I was exhausted, but it was wonderful. The people were full of compassion and energy, the sense of family was remarkable. As I closed my eyes I prayed that God would open my eyes and allow me to do the things he was calling me to do.

    The conference was empowering. The networking was completely ordained by God. The last day of the conference God had empowered 11 people to start “Ghana for Life†underneath AFLA. Each one would soon be the founder of their own ministries. Through all the events God Enabled the donation of two buildings a maternity home (soon to be a pregnancy center),and a post aborted ministry. The 4 nurses that came started “Students for Life†a pro-abstinence club on their campus. The nursing school is going to be key in teaching ultrasound in Ghana. They will be receiving one of the recycled ultrasound machines in August of 2017.

A white phone is on the black background

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